Levende vand

Maria's testimony

As doubt could not gain power over me in Copenhagen, it tried again while I was driving back to Aarhus, my hometown, alone in my car. I felt pain in my back and thought: "Oh no, not again." I had been completely free from pain since I had asked Apostle Charles for help a week earlier …

But fortunately enough I remembered that someone else was living inside of me now – someone who is immensely more powerful. And I also remembered that Apostle Charles had pointed out that we should use our authority to command the pain to leave. I did and the pain disappeared.

I laughed with joy because Jesus is in my life, and found out that a heartfelt laughter really discourages the devil. He sneaked away and left me alone for the rest of the trip home.

It is important to turn all my attention towards Jesus when I have commanded the pain to go. Because sometimes I have fought and fought to make the pain go away by focusing on the devil. It left me completely exhausted without the symptoms going away. Nehemiah 8:10 says: "… for the joy of the Lord is your strength!" And that is what my focus has to be.

Doubt can knock at your door in the most surprising ways. It can be well-intentioned people asking you, "Are you sure that you are healed?" "Has it been scientifically proven?" or "But what happens if you become ill again?" Questions almost designed to reinstate doubt and fear in my life.

Fear of the devil is also fear and thus originating from the devil. Fear cannot keep the devil away – recognition and rejection of him with Jesus in my heart will do.

I also have to avoid religion. It will take away the living water and give me sand instead. And I have to have fear, doubt, anger, bitterness and resentment removed –  foregive others and my self.

Some people are so broken that they need extra care, extra protection and extra much living water to keep their miracle.

Charles Ndifon often says, "Follow the instructions". He might say, "Do what you could not do before", and for me it means not only physically but also things I used to be afraid of doing.

In fact one can save money by following the instructions from God. One morning I got the idea that I should go to church as early as 9.30 a.m. My common sense argued against it as the meeting with Apostle Charles did not start until 11.00 a.m., so why should I go that early? Well, I went out of the door anyway and got to my car just in time to prevent getting a parking ticket, which I would otherwise have received because I had parked the car too close to a corner.

The physical rehabilitation is also important. But most important of all is that I place God first 24 hours a day. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God…”

The word of God healed me – and the words that set me free, are the words that will keep my miracle.

Jesus, the Word, lives today.


In 1986 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but all through the years I believed that God would heal me, and I kept a distance to everybody who attempted to remove that faith in me. I was, however, wrong in my conviction that I should become good enough in the eyes of God before I was worthy to be healed.

On May 15, 2002 I attended a meeting with Apostle Charles Ndifon in Aarhus, Denmark.

No wonder at all that I was terrified when I stood up asking to be healed, knowing very well that I wasn’t good enough. Therefore I told Apostle Charles that I was afraid of the power of God. He answered, "But he’s your Daddy", and he looked at me with the most caring and loving eyes – so loving that I believed him. I could feel God’s love deep into my soul.

In that moment, the fear left me – a heavy, dark cloud was lifted off me. Then I told Apostle Charles that I had multiple sclerosis. He said that all my sins were forgiven, and again he said it in a way making me really believe it. At that moment my physical pain disappeared and I could walk perfectly.

I noticed that a little later Apostle Charles mentioned that we had to do something in order to keep our miracle. Fortunately I heard it – because the devil made one attack after the other to win back what he had lost, namely all the energy my fears and physical illness gave him, and he worked through my doubts and fears – his most effective tools. He had lost a large-scale supplier of pain, doubts and fears, and it was not surprising that he reacted.

The first couple of months, when I felt some physical symptoms, it was almost as if I leaned into the pain, into the fear as a well-known embrace, because I didn't know better. But every time I remembered and turned to God and maybe found somebody to pray with or listened to teachings.

I continued to have pain in my back because several vertebras in my spine often got locked – this had not yet changed. But when I attended Apostle Charles’ meetings in Copenhagen in September 2002, I said to him on the first day that I really wished that also my back could be healed, and that it was necessary to enable me to attend all the meetings during the week. Apostle Charles asked, "Where is the pain now?" The pain had disappeared!

One evening – the meeting had just begun – I had severe pain in my arms and legs, and I was so tired that it was difficult for me to just sit upright on my chair. Common sense told me that being tired after more than 15 hours of activity per day was nothing exceptional, and that consequently it might be a good idea to lay down on the sofa one evening for a rest. Even people that hadn't been ill would be tired. But when Mark Cole began to play, I discovered something, which I now call the un-common sense. It told me to begin to dance.

I was sitting in the front row that night. It was an advantage as I had sufficient space to move on, but I had to overcome the thought that everybody could see me. But I began to dance, and the more I danced, the better I felt. That evening I did not leave until midnight.

The next morning he tempted me again with physical pain and common sense: That it would be good for me to rest until noon. But I had begun to recognize the temptations and consequently I asked myself what I wanted most of all – and the answer was clear. I asked Jesus to help me, and the moment I opened the door to go to the meeting with Apostle Charles, my physical pain disappeared completely. That day I also kept on going until midnight. I had got the idea that if Apostle Charles could keep on going by the power of the Holy Spirit, so could I. The devil asked: “Who do you think you are?” The answer was and is. “I am God’s daughter.”

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